Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 335

 Day 335 December 1st

Review of SDCC/Disney store Exclusive FF box set

This is the second year we have gotten a SDCC timed exclusive from the Disney store.  This one launched at the Disney store closest to the convention centre at the time of the show and then became more widely available at the Disney store late, both brick and mortar shops as well as online.  It is a neat concept and really not too difficult to get a hold of once it hit wider distribution.

            Packaging – This exclusive uses the standard 4-pack style of packaging which has the individual window for each minimate.  The artwork on the front is of SPidey in his FF white/black costume and there is the Disney Store logo right there with him, printed as part of the packaging not added as a sticker afterwards.  On the side flaps is the individual art shots of the minimates inside the package, which is pretty standard for the box sets but looks great none the less.  The back showcases the entire set along with a small bio/write up box for all characters.  The colour used on this package is tones of white and grey to fit in with the look of the costumes of the team, and they have also used the faint comic book art in the background, a concept they have used before but I do rather enjoy on these packages where there is a bit more package space to use it.  This set also used the dual tray system with the minimates packed on one tray and the accessories packed on a separate one.

Thing – DST has been going through big steps in the designs of bulkier minimates to help get their large size across in the limited scale.  Thing has been one of those characters that they have been tinkering with for that reason and this release is another example of it.  The bigger arm, hands upper legs and boots all add to the overall size and only minimally restrict the movement.  He even has the additional piece for on top of his head as opposed to the sculpted head look.  The slip over chest piece also adds to the bulkier look while having nice clean colours of the new FF costumes.  I do think DST did a good job with this minimate on a whole there is just one little area that bothers me.  With the large chest cap piece it forms a bit of a lip at the top and it makes it look like it comes part way up Things face, slightly obscuring it.  At first I thought maybe it was just the photos posted of it but once I had it in hand I could see it did come up that high.  The more I play with it the more I find poses in which it does not really get in the way but if he is looking down the head tilt is enough that it creeps up there.

Mr. Fantastic – Another great looking minimate here, I do have to say the DST did an amazing job with these designs and the paint/tampos look perfect!  This is very well done Reed Richards minimate in the black and white Future Foundations costume.  The lines are clean and the colours are spot on.  As with the last couple Mr. Fantastic minimates this one comes with the interchangeable lower half that is stretched out to wrap around another minimate.  This is a really neat touch especially for the character that stretches and it is cool that it can fit around the basic minimate to make it look like he is wrapping them up.  I do hope that DST will continue to expand the ideas of what to include with Mr. Fantastic and would not even mind a return to the bendy arms of days gone by!

Spider Man – Here we have the newest member to join the FF ranks, a replacement for the Human Torch, Spider Man.  From being the hero who could not get a gig on a team in my youth ol’ webhead seems to have gotten over that by being a member of the FF and 2 Avengers teams now too!  I have to say when it was announced he joined this team and pictures of his new costume were released I was not that keen on the design.  That has changed since getting the minimate however.  The simple black and white colour combo and the design itself really grab my attention and as I have a pile of minimates sitting at my work table here this one seems to grab my attention for playing with more then others.  Again there is no colour bleeding and the lines are sharp.  I have heard some rumblings of slight discolourations in the white parts of the body but see none of that in this minimate.  As per usual Spidey comes with a web line, a now classic accessory for him to have and I will not complain!

Invisible Woman – This is now our second completely “invisible” or clear minimate for Invisible Woman.  This time instead of the fully clear plasic DST has opted for a more blue tinted plastic.  I for one like this choice as it really allows the details to be seen more clearly.  I really enjoy this minimate, I love clear versions of characters when they are done accurately and this one sure looks great!  Sue comes with the standard “invisible” clear shield done in the same blue as she is.  She also has a flight stand and a large circle base, both again in the same blue that she is.  I like these as they lend themselves to all sorts of play and posability options…for me the more you can maximize the fun factor the better!

This set surprised me in the fact that I was not really sure I was going to e that into it as I am not a fan of the FF comic or the characters really.  I do find this set to be quite enjoyable and have had fun playing with it while doing photos, or supposed to be working on school work….bit of a brain break lol!  I do like the Spidey most of all and can see myself finding ways to include him in this costume in photo projects and quite possibly my larger comic project too.  I will give this set a solid 4.5 out of 5 due to some slight issues with the bulky pieces on the Thing minimate giving me some grief when I first opened the set up.  Still pretty good for a set I was pretty sure I was not going to enjoy!

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