Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 362

Day 362 December 28th


            I am slowly getting myself more educated on older Marvel stories so I will eventually get to read more about these characters, but I do like the way Terrax looks.  The fact that DST gave him a ‘floating’ rock to help show his power is way cool!  I really like how they did his beard/hair piece as a separate piece not fully sculpted, and it looks great!  His axe looks pretty good to the source too.  Now the biggest surprise here came with the torso piece.  Looking at it I had thought it was all one piece that started at his shoulders and went down past the crotch but once I had him in hands it was clearly not the case.  It is actually 2 separate pieces, one for the torso and one at the waist!  This allows for nice movement of the figure which is always a good thing!

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  1. Another cool NEW minimate. Terrax has a great size to him and the great accessories you talked about. The beard is especially cool. I'd love to see more cosmic related mates from DST in 2012. Fingers crossed.