Thursday, July 19, 2012

Agent 88 Needs You!

Digger T Mesch, co-creator and grandfather of Minimates, has a new project on the go and he is asking we the fans to be a part of it.  Check out the Agent 88 Kickstarter project to find out more about it all and to make it even cooler there are all sorts of neat looking Minimates in development for various pledge levels of the Kickstarter campaign!  Not to mention the very nice looking Agent 88 red logo blank Minimate too!  Again here is the link for the Agent 88 Kickstarter!

Day 537

Day 537 July 19th

Mondays with Mike
From SDCC!!

Mike was hard at work again Saturday at SDCC takin notes during the Minimates Turn Ten panel.  A brief run down; along with some additional info from a few other sources will follow this blurb.  Mike also presented Zach and Chuck with some t-shirts made especially for the show and designed by yours truly; will post pics of the shirt once I have a good one.  Mike also got to meet several members of the Minimate Multiverse after the panel which by all accounts was a very cool thing!  Pictures from the panel courtesy Mike, TNI and Toyark.

The Panel:

Panelists: Zach (marketing supervisor), Chuck (director), Digger (creator of minimates), Jason Wires (head product painter)

Marvel vs Capcom wave 3 is final wave in the line.

Munsters vehicle - the face changed from originally planned sad to happy. But Zach mentioned that in the episode he lost the race, he had a sad face so it would have been appropriate. 

TRU wave 14 Miles/Ult Cap, Havok/Storm (to round out outback X-Men), Box/Vindicator (to round out Alpha Flight), Iron Man (before Extremis armor)/Rhino.

Marvel wave 48 Torch has a flame base. Invisible Woman has a force field base.

The winners of the fan poll were: Cyborg Spidey, Danny Ketch Ghost Rider, Songbird, Onslaught, Baron Zemo and the Nova Corps army builder, DST selected to do a WW2 Zemo variant

Will get control art soon on wave 50.

Star Trek Enterprise. Command chair possibly removable to display it next to the ship.

Video of new Pirate Raiders stop motion shown. Chuck actually hasn't seen it yet. Ends in cliffhanger with 2nd half possibly shown at NYCC.
              -Basically Vanes goes to meet Madusa. No one lived after seeing Madusa's stare other than Calico Jack. Madusa give Vanes a magical periscope(?) to find Calico Jack. Vanes is shown on the GITD ship and ends with him looking into the periscope and Calico Jack being shown in periscope.
              -Same guy who does the Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! videos did it. Zach used to work with him for Twisted Toy Fair

Anyone who asks a question gets a chance to grab a promo from a bag, which includes translucent blue Vorin, gold Vorin, and Agent 88 promos.

Will see more animals in Battle Beasts line other than the scorpions and spiders.

Calico Jack on hold for now. Focusing on Battle Beasts.

DST doesn't have license for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom but hopes SFxTekken will fill holes in the Street Fighter side.

Kirk in the Enterprise set is a new mold and design. The Enterprise is going to test the market and will focus on the TV properties and not the recent movie reboot.

Doesn't seem likely there will be another fan poll as Chuck seems against it even though Zach fought hard for it. Maybe for Marvel wave 100? But they are looking at the voting data for future consideration of sets.

No DC.

No Mars Attacks minimates but Chuck admits that it'd be cool.

DST has seen the new Marvel Now designs and are looking for ways to work them into series when possible.

Extra pieces, parts sets only? Chuck says no but is looking into packs of the bases but no blank bodies.

No vehicles for Thundercats planned.

TRU Battle Beasts Minimates will have some colors amped up with some metallic’s added while the regular ones will be comic book accurate.

Bat and Moose BB 2-pack will not be released at specialty, only at TRU.

There will be more villains besides scorpions and spiders for Battle Beasts

The Ulitmates Version of Marvel vs. Capcom is not part of the DST license.

Universal Monsters Mole People minimate could be a possibility for 2013.

ThunderCats will only be released as 4-packs. The next 2 sets will be released as NYCC exclusives through AFX.

They try to add extra parts for their Marvel Minimates to allow people to do more customizing.

DST's line of Battle Beasts other than name is totally separate from the original line and they have tried to stay away from those vintage features. With these Minimates they have a story to tell and want to play up the interchangeability features Minimates are known for.

GIJoe and Transformers Minimates will never happen. Masters of the Universe Minimates were asked about, they said they are pursing licenses and such but don't want to say anything that might get people's hopes up if it didn't happen.

Diggger is working on a Kickstarter movie project called Agent 88 which DST will be doing some Minimates for.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Calico Jack video

At the Minimates Turn Ten panel at SDCC this past weekend DST debuted the newest animated video for the Calico Jack's Pirate Raiders line.  While the line is on temporary hold I am hoping they bring it back soon!  Today they posted the video for all to enjoy; here's the link!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 536

Day 536 July 14th

Mondays with Mike
From SDCC!!

Mike was hard at work again today at SDCC takin in the sights and he did hit the press tour with Zach from DST.  Huge thanks to Zach for the tour and the swag!  Stayed tuned tomorrow for images form the Minimates panel!