Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 534

Day 534 July 9th

Mondays with Mike

Marvel Minimates Wave 44 - Hulk 

Welcome to my weekly review series. As I’m not a total completest I will be alternating between full wave reviews and single pack reviews. All feedback is welcomed! The rating system is as follows: 

* Mediocre 
** Not too Shabby 
***  Is it getting hot in here? 
**** We have a Hulk 

Here we go: 
Alright my two favourite heroes are Spider-Man and Hulk. I remember that my first exposure to both characters was when I was very young. We used to get  to go buy comics before family road trips and this was my first experience to both of these guys. Ever since those early days I’ve been hooked on the characters and thusly so they are added to my Minimate collection everytime DST makes them! This is one of my reviews where I’ve only grabbed one figure from the Wave. While I have nothing against the other figures, they look great, a man can only collect so many before his wife loses her mind.  

Packaging - ****  
We’ve had the same packaging for a while now. DST rolled out the purple packaging with the main heroes on the front awhile ago. It looks great, and I can’t gush enough about the art on the boxes. They just nail the Block figure drawings. 

Sculpted Details – *** 
I personally love the big hands and boots on the Hulk. Since DST started with the bulky figures a few months I’ve been very happy. It just makes him feel bigger and that is what makes the line so great. Now the hair, ugh, it’s more like he’s trying to look like Fabio, with this windswept to the side look. I don’t like it all, when I get a chance I’ll be swapping it out with another Hulk hair. 

Paint & Tampos – **** 
The paint on the big guy is fantastic. Crisp clean details and they pop on the figure. The chest details really bring out the apparent muscle tone of the Hulk. Not to mention the coloring really looks comic booky and I feel it’s very effective. 

Accessories –  **** 
Hulk comes with two boulders that will be great for smashing puny humans.  They look great and will be fun to hurl at foes. 

Overall - *** 
I love the Hulk, the figure itself is really great. I just think that he needs a new hairdresser.

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