Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 273

Day 273 September 30th

Ghostbusters 2 Egon

            The Slime blower Box set comes with all of the Ghostbusters accessories including Egons PKE meter and giga meter, always great to see so many extras in box sets!  I love Egons slightly surprised expression here, subtle yet so perfect to the character!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 272

Day 272 September 29th

Ghostbusters 2 Peter

            The Slime blower Box set is the last of the movie Ghostbusters minimates that I needed to have them all, which is kind of nice to say – it is a complete collection.  I do like having the guys in a matching uniform set like this and think DST did a great job with the ‘peace sign’ logo on Peters right arm, it looks fantastic!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 271

  Day 271 September 28th

Captain America army builder singles Review

            DST started making these army builders single pack dump cases back with the BSG Cylons and with the Marvel line they started with the Hammer Drones of Iron Man 2.  So far they are only doing them with the Marvel movie lines as they did Iron Man 2, Thor and now Captain America.  In this review I will look at what I got in my case of the Captain America ones.

Packaging – This is a bit two fold in this review as I will talk about the case as a whole as well as the packaging of the single minimates.  The case itself is a similar concept to all the other singles cases.  It holds three rows of minimates across and four rows deep.  It has a great shot of Captain America on the top which becomes the stand up portion of the box once opened.  The sides of the box have Caps shield and there is a shot of him running towards the viewer on the back.  Both the sides and back have the official Avengers Assemble logo which first appeared back on the Iron Man 2 singles as well as appearing on the Thor ones.  The bottom of the case has a nifty little piece of info, the numbering of the case.  My case is numbered to be 477 out of 500 cases produced.

            The minimates themselves are packaged in a single box with a display window to allow the customers to see who is in each one.  No blind box BS here and I for one appreciate that!  The sides of the box show artwork for each of the minimates available in the case and the back has a check box listing of the minimates with a little red dot sticker indicating which one is in the package.  I really like this packaging for the singles; it works very well and does not require a new package for each different minimate in the case.  Inside the box the minimate is packed in the standard plastic tray and if it is one that has an accessory it also has a spot in the tray.  On one of my Hydra Flame Trooper minimates the arms seemed to stick out of the tray, almost like it wasn’t big enough but the other one was fine.


Hydra Pilot – I am starting out the reviews with the minimate I got the most of in the case, the Hydra Pilot.  I thought it seemed a bit odd to get more of these then some of the other Hydra variants since we didn’t really see a bunch of these guys in action in the movie but honestly I really like the way they look so I can’t complain too much.  The design is so simple and sleek looking with only the belt piece and the glove cuffs being actual extra pieces.  The lines of the tampo are clean and crisp and the red of the Hydra logo on the left arm really looks great!  The pilots all come with the same gun that came with the Red Skull in the regular 2-pack release which makes sense but with no holster it may not get used too much by me.  I really do like the looks of these minimates and am already thinking about finding a few more to cannibalize for custom ideas!

Hydra Soldier – These were my next most plentiful minimates in the case.  The neck piece of the uniform, the chest straps/back power pack and belt/skirt are all one continuous piece which really makes for a seamless look to the uniform.  I really like the facial expression on these guys, much more angry looking and it suits their henchmen status.  Much like the pilots the details are nice and clean and the Hydra logo on the belt and left arm look great!  All of mine had good clean lines for the red colours too which was great to see!  They come with a smaller rifle type weapon, obviously not a standard rifle but anyone who has seem the movie will understand the reasoning there, and it looks good when they are holding it.

Hydra Infantry – These are the same as the Hydra soldiers that came packed with the variant in the regular movie wave 2-pack releases.  Aside from the head and helmet the rest of the costume is shared with the Hydra Soldier also in this case.  I love the look of these guys and how well the green looks in the costume.  Much nicer than the comic version which I found was almost too green this much darker tone really works for me.  The helmet piece seems a bit bulky but still looks good and accurately covers what it needs to cover.  I am sure customizers will look at that piece if working on a Dr Midnight custom, for some reason it seems to make me thing of that.  These guys come with the big powerful blasting guns from the movie although they do seem a bit too large and almost clumsy looking for them to hold nicely.

Hydra Flame Trooper – This is another Hydra minimate that is released elsewhere as it is part of the Toys R Us wave of Captain America movie minimates.  These guys are a lot of fun as they have a huge chest piece that covers down past the waist and the huge flame throwing cannons on the arms!  All this bulk actually works for these guys as it is easy to imagine that to carry that kind of gear you would be pretty bulked up.  They have the same helmet piece as the Infantry and their face under that is fully covered like the pilot, which again makes total sense and is source accurate.  The one other difference is the fact that these guys have a newly sculpted upper leg piece which adds some more of an armoured look to their uniform.

Red Skull in Hydra uniform – I can honestly say I do not recall the Red Skull wearing this in the movie, but none the less it makes for a great looking minimate!  It is more of a military dress style uniform than the regular soldiers in the release, it has none of the chest straps, instead it has a separate neck/collar piece and the chest torso has more of a suit looking tampo on it.  This Red Skull has a more serious expression on his face when compared to the regular 2-pack release and I think DST did a great job with it!  As with the previous release this one also comes with the same style pistol, which only makes sense.

Much like the previous army builder dump cases I think this is pure win!  The character selection is fantastic and they look amazing!  All the details and paint are crisp and clean and it is nice to get a big army of bad guys in one shot!  I would gladly give this set a 5 out of 5 as it is fantastic!  If you don’t have it go get it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 270

Day 270 September 27th

“We Are Ready to Believe” Dana

            A non possessed Dana Barrett was one of the few non Ghostbusters characters needed from the first movie.  I enjoy the look DST did here and love the fact that we got the extra arms and overcoat too.  This is a nice looking civilian minimate!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 269

Day 269 September 26th

“We Are Ready to Believe” Egon

            The third main member of the Ghostbusters is of course Egon, decked out here in the blue lab coat that is signature of the commercial that this box set is based on.  Egon has a great facial expression and I love the hairpiece!  He also comes with his PKE meter, the only accessory to make it into the set unfortunately.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 268

Day 268 September 25th

Sundays with my Son

            The pirates were trying to invade the city and M.A.X. caught them sneaking in and then they got into a fight!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 267

Day 267 September 24th

“We Are Ready to Believe” Ray

            Similar to the Peter this minimate of Ray is rather plain.  Even in the movie the look was more serious as they were trying to drum up business so he doesn’t even have a goofy expression on his face.  DST did do a good job getting that serious expression right however.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 266

Day 266 September 23rd

“We Are Ready to Believe” Peter

            Based off of the commercial in the first Ghostbusters movie this box set was a good idea when it was debuted as it was shown to have extra arms for the guys to be lab coat-less and some of the equipment that that had in the commercial but when it actually came out it was a bit less exciting.  I do like the colour of Peters tie for some reason however.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 265

Day 265 September 22nd

Review of HALO M12 FAV “Arctic Warthog” and exclusive white Spartan Mark VI minimate

            Venturing into the awesome vehicle side of minimates I will take a look at the comic shop/specialty exclusive Arctic Warthog from the HALO video game line.  I have not played any of the HALO games and nor am I versed in the universe of HALO at all.  I don’t collect the minimate line outside of a few bits and pieces that I think look cool.  That being said I do buy the vehicles because minimate scale vehicles are awesome no matter what the property is that they belong too!

Packaging – The packaging on the minimate vehicles has got to be some of the biggest packages for minimates yet.  It is a huge blister card and frankly I am surprised it even stays on the card!  That being said I love it because it really gives you a great look at the vehicle from all sides!  As a consumer it is nice to be able to see clearly what it is your buying and a casual fan or new to minimates buyer or even non minimate fans might be enticed by getting a really good look at the product.  The write up on the back does a great job on filling me in on what this vehicle is all about since I wouldn’t know otherwise!  Inside the package the vehicle and the minimate are secured to the inner plastic tray with those loathsome twist ties, but at least the one for the vehicle only hook around the wheels and not go through the body like some other vehicle releases have.

M12 FAV “Arctic Warthog” – Basically the same as the other warthogs already released I did notice one change when I set it up beside one of mine other ones.  The place for the feet to go in front of the seats seams to be extended giving a bit more room there which is a great idea in my books!  The colour scheme is pretty obvious given the arctic title; it has a white main body with black and grey accenting.  There is great detail put into the windshield to look more frosty and even the tires and the under carriage look like they have been driving around in the snowy terrain.  The light anti-aircraft gun on the back looks good, is easy for a minimate to hold the handles and rotates nice and freely around.  The wheels roll smoothly and the vehicle is sturdy enough for some moderately rough play.

White Spartan Mark VI – The one main complaint heard around the HALO line is the large number of paint colour variants of the Spartan.  While this is somewhat the main playable character on the games and from what I can see is variable in a myriad of colours I can understand DST getting as much mileage out of the molds as possible.  The sheer amount of sculpted armour pieces on this minimate is astounding!  Even though I don’t collect them I can be impressed with how the minimate looks and how well they did translating the armour to this scale.  As with most of the Spartans, I do believe all; but I have not looked too closely through the mighty Minimate Database ( to be 100% sure, have come with the MA5 assault rifle so does this one and it looks pretty good at this scale as well.  The head under the helmet is plain black which means not much to me since I don’t know if they should have faces under there for sure or not and under the chest armour you can see some more armour detailing printed right onto the torso block.  All in all for a minimate that is for a property I do not care for this is a nice looking minimate.

Overall I am happy with this vehicle.  Yes it is a repaint of the previous one but given that I live in a snowy climate a good portion of the year I cannot wait to get this outside in the snow banks this winter for some fun photos!!  I give this a solid 4.5 out of 5 and will likely get more of them if I come across them, especially with the arctic ops M.A.X. minimates in the works!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 264

Day 264 September 21st

The Real Ghostbusters Janine

            This version of Janine comes from the first Real Ghostbusters box set and shows her in her office attire.  DST nailed the look and even managed to pull off the sarcastic-esque facial expression that is so perfect to the character!  They got all the colours spot on especially the hair and glasses colours, great work there!  I also love that they got the unique look of her glasses perfectly too.  As a big fan of the cartoon I am very happy with the first offerings of the minimates based off of it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 263

Day 263 September 20th

The Real Ghostbusters Slimer

            Now this Slimer is from the first Real Ghostbusters box set and is quite different from the TRU version.  The most obvious difference is that this one in solid colour not translucent like the TRU version.  DST did a great job getting the cartoony look for Slimer with this release – he looks like he jumped right off the screen!  Even the tone of the green is pretty dead on as I watch some of the cartoon while writing this.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 262

Day 262 September 19th

Howard Stark

            I thought it was a pretty cool idea to link Howard Stark to the Captain America mythos in the Iron Man movies so it only made sense for him to be in the Captain America movie himself.  While this minimate does a pretty good job getting his look right, especially the face I really wish they would have done his look from in the transformation room/lab…much more visually appealing then just a boring suit!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 261

Day 261 September 18th

Sundays with my Son

            Kye got a new camera this week and this was the first picture he took with it!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 260

 Day 260 September 17th

X-Men First Class Box set Review

            Based off of the comic book by the same name this box set contains four of the main characters from X-Men: First Class.

Packaging – This box set has the standard box set layout with the minimates and Spider Man at the top and the First Class title at the bottom.  The usual layout of the four windows for the minimates comprises the middle portion of the package.  Along the sides there are the four headshots of the characters, taken from the design artwork.  The back has a nice big picture of the four minimates as well as a nice intro style write up for the comic that they are based on.  There are also the short biographies for each character on the back.  Inside the box is the usual plastic tray system, along with a small second tray containing Angel’s wings.  The larger tray appears to be more contoured along the sides which is neat looks but also appears to make the tray use less plastic thus more environmentally friendly which is something more toy companies are looking at with their toy packaging.  The one point I noted with this package was that it looked really plain.  Most four pack packaging had a background that was made up of comic book covers collaged around the box but this one is just plain blues.  While it looks good, a pleasing progression from lighter to darker, it really leaves the box looking rather plain and dare I say a bit boring.

Cyclops – The first thing I noticed about these minimates was the look of the costumes.  I have seen the comic book but never read it so I only had a rough idea of what the costumes looked like, but wow!  These look great!  I love the contrast of the black to the bright yellow, the use of the extra cuff piece with the hand separate instead of the old bulked glove is awesome and the boots really work.  The mask piece for Cyclops fits perfectly to the timeline the minimate is based from since back in the earlier comics his mask/visor was more bulky and not as streamlined as it is now.  The red of the ruby quartz is a nice bright red and looks like it is slightly glowing with the energy it is holding back.  Cyclops comes with an extra hairpiece so he can be displayed without his mask.  His face under the mask is the usual somber/stern look that is perfectly suited to the character.  While more recent Cyclops minimates have had ruby glasses as part of the face tampo this one goes back to the earlier ones where it is just his exposed red eyes.  The red of the eyes has a slight metallic sheen to it which really looks great and makes it seem like there is an energy glowing there.

Jean Grey – This is a very nice looking Jean Grey minimate.  The reuse hair from the first Psylocke minimate looks great and is a very nice colour too.  The long stretch of yellow going up the arms from the hands and same on the legs stretching up from the feet is a perfect match to her costume in the comics.  I love the face; there is a hint of innocence mixed in with a building strength of one who will become a very powerful character.  Again a very simple colour scheme and a basic minimate yet it looks fantastic!

Angel – Once again I love the colours of this minimates!  It really seems to work well together.  Angel shares the gloves and boots that Cyclops has but unlike Cyc he has a yellow stripe that goes down the arm, shoulder to glove.  Huge props to DST for making sure the painting of the wing harness matches up to how the colours are on the costume so it does not look out of place, even on the back!  The mask is a simple one with the opening for the mouth as well as openings for the eyes.  Having not read the comics I am not sure if it’s accurate but I find Angel’s facial expression to be very angry seeming and I don’t recall Warren being that angry in his early days with the X-Men, he seemed more carefree and happy.  He comes with a great looking hairpiece to wear unmasked and from what I have found researching the looks, it looks like a pretty good match for a resued part.  I would have thought DST would have included one of the nifty flight stands they have for the flying characters but they did not.  In thinking about that I find it does not really take away from the set though.

Iceman – Last but certainly not least in this set is Bobby Drake, the Iceman!  In this case I saved him to the end of the review because he is by far my favourite minimate in the set!  More of an opaque minimate than a translucent minimate it looks fantastic!  The facial expression is perfect for the wisecracking prankster attitude that is often the calling card of Iceman.  I love the hairpiece, it really suit the look.  The body details are nicely done with blue highlighting the black lines.  He comes with an ice blast that was first released with the frosted Iceman variant to wave 11.  I have a feeling this will be my go to Iceman minimate unless I am in need of a more specific look, it really looks great!

This set was not a set I really was looking forward to, to tell the honest truth.  I hadn’t read the comics it was based off of and really had little interest in it.  I can fully admit to being very impressed with it once I got it however.  The colours look great together and the details are amazing for a simple design!  There are minimal accessories but it really does not hurt the set.  There are a couple spots on a couple minimates in my set that have slight paint issues, most notably at the top of the yellow on Jeans legs where it meets the black but again nothing serious.  The biggest detractor I see to this set is that DST is set on their box sets being at four minimates due to cost purposes.  While I can understand that it makes it hard to be excited about this team set since it is missing a team member and while there is a good chance Beast will show up in a two pack later I feel it would have been great if DST could have had it ready to go sooner, much like they did with the Angel minimates for the First Appearance and X-Factor box sets.  I give this set a solid 5 out of 5 despite the lack of the fifth member!  I will be keeping an eye out to grab an extra or two to use in some custom ideas I have swirling in my head.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 259

Day 259 September 16th

Age of Apocalypse Nemesis/Holocaust

             Well what more can I say about this minimate that is not said/thought by anyone who gets a chance to see it!  First off Holocaust in the comics is pretty big so kudos to DST to going almost to the wall in making the minimate huge!  I took a cue from many of the people that already had him and added a waist space to add some height to him and it looks amazing!  Even with the lights shinning through him you can’t see the spacer in there.  I love translucent minimates; something about them just adds a whole level of fun to them!  The tampo on the head and chest look perfect beneath the containment suit and fit into the look very nicely.  The sculpting detail is dead on especially with the arm cannon!  I had many parts if not most of the Age of Apocalypse story as fond memories but one standout is of course the throw down between Sabretooth and Holocaust and now I can remake that in minimate style!!  Huge props to DST for making AoA minimates and I hope they slip more characters from it into the mix as time goes on.