Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 252

Day 252 September 9 th

Mega Man Zero

            While I love the original Mega Man games and the characters in there I have no knowledge about the Mega Man Zero character.  I do have plans to change this however and it does not stop me from enjoying this minimate one bit!  This ‘player 2’ repaint makes me smile since it is basically the original Mega Man colour scheme, and very well executed as well!  I love the facial expression as it seems very suited to the source material.  The arm cannon looks great and the energy sword is very well done as well!  The huge hair flowing out the back does not hinder movement but the chest armour piece does restrict the arm movements a bit which is a bit of a drawback to this otherwise killer minimate!  Now DST go and get the original Mega Man license!!

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