Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 544 - Exclusive Reveal!

Day 544 Jan 15th

A Diamond Select Release!

Back again due to popular demand!

A Portrait of an Addiction exclusive reveal!

This lightweight cardboard carry case is ready to go, capable of holding up to 36 (or more if you double up) Minimates, and is perfect for everyone from kids on the go to collectors looking to trade or show off their Minimate collections or customs to friends. Each case features a magnetic seal and plastic carry handle, and has two clear plastic trays with snap-tight lids to hold a variety of Minimates of all sizes. As an added bonus, each Minimate Carry Case comes with an exclusive silver 10th Anniversary Minimate, available nowhere else! Only available on the specialty market!  Look for it in the next issue of Previews and stock up!
SRP: $19.99

Monday, January 14, 2013

Breaking News - Marvel.com reveals series 50 images

 Over on Marvel.com the image of the Minimates for the fan voted series 50 have bee4n revealed.  They all look great and I am super impressed with the details on the Cyborg Spider Man.  Those stitches on the costume look great!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 543


Day 543 Jan 10th

Minimates art project

One of the coolest things I have grown really attached to with the Miniamtes has been how cool they look in projects like photo/web comics and such.  I really dig the art work that DST has done especially the posters they have been doing as of late and wanted to see more like that.  One day while picking up some comic books I happened to come across some of Marvels blank variant covers to comics.  The light bulb raged in my head with the idea of getting Minimates drawn onto these covers!  There was only one small problem with this – I can’t draw to save my life.  So I picked up a cover here and there just to stock them up while still trying to figure out how to make my idea work.  Ideally I could get someone to use a photo I took and draw the Minimates onto the cover but finding someone to do it was proving to be more difficult.  I had a couple covers sent to me from a good friend who had his tattoo artist draw on them, not Minimates but still a couple great covers.  When I had the chance to attend the Calgary Comic Expo last spring I had toyed with taking the comics along and getting them sketched but the idea that I wanted Minimates drawn on them held strong.  Well as I have been making the rounds as a substitute teacher I happened to make an important discovery…I noticed a grade seven student drawing comic book characters for his art assignments.  Talking to him I found that he really enjoys comics despite not having very many of his own and loves to draw them too.  I got around to asking him if he would be interested in trying some drawing from my photos, and he agreed and he drew the cover picture to my comic project.  I liked what I saw and got him to try his hand at a couple covers too.  I think he did a good job and will get him to do more, as well continue my search for other artistically minded people to give it a go as well!  If you fit this bill feel free to let me know and we can work something out!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 542









Day 542 Jan 9th

Thundercats Box Set 3 Pictures

For fans of the classic Thundercats cartoon this was a welcome reveal as it is generally a slower news time as Toy Fair is looming on the horizon.  It was revealed at NYCC last fall that Icon Heroes had 4 box sets for Thundercats in the plans, with the first two being released at SDCC and NYCC respectively last year.  This week they gave us fans pictures of the Minimates in the third box set and labeled them as a ‘Spring 2013’ release.  When exactly this is is unknown but odds are leaning towards the C2E2 convention as it is the bigger spring time convention and it would follow suit with the trend of them being convention exclusives.  These are some great looking Minimates, completing the core team of good guys nicely.  Most Minimate fans have been buzzing about these not only for what they are but also for what the new design on Wilykit and Wilykat could mean for other Minimate licenses with smaller/child characters most notably the character of Carl from The Walking Dead.  The newly designed shorter arm and leg sections will help make these characters look smaller and more childlike compared to the standard Minimate without to much changing of the core Minimate body style which is something that DST has said they are unlikely to do to make the smaller characters.  Personally I think these look great and will be a welcome addition to my Minimate collection and I can see my kids already asking for a set for their Minimate collection too!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 541

Day 541 Dec 31st

Minimate Multiverse Secret Santa Gift

I have had a streak of receiving new minimates in the mail on News Year Eve for the last number of years and this year it still was true!  The best part of all was that this was also my Secret Santa gift from the Minimate Multiverese secret santa event.  Many thanks to Kostisfire for this gift all the way from Greece!  In the box was a very nice gift bag, a Marvel and a DC comic, a Toblerone (promptly claimed by my kids), a Mars bar, a black and white Munsters Koach and a nifty box decorated in drawings…it’s layout is very similar to a box set layout.  Inside the box are customs of the Dr from Dr Who, Predator, Samus Aran, Green Arrow and Deathstroke along with a head with green hair, a Batman head a Darth Vader head and a mini Scarface puppet.  Some of these customs were not finished but there was a note explaining that in the package.  Given how busy my life can be I can totally understand how that goes!  The Green Arrow and Deathstroke strike me as similar to the announced DC Direct 2 pack based from the Injustice: Gods Among Us game.  Huge thanks to Kostisfire for this great gift!  Happy New Year to all my readers and here is to a great 2013 for us all!  Stay tuned for some new ideas and formats to this blog in the coming weeks, thanks for sticking out my creative break!

I swear this picture looked fine on the camera when I took it, sorry for the blurriness!