Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 541

Day 541 Dec 31st

Minimate Multiverse Secret Santa Gift

I have had a streak of receiving new minimates in the mail on News Year Eve for the last number of years and this year it still was true!  The best part of all was that this was also my Secret Santa gift from the Minimate Multiverese secret santa event.  Many thanks to Kostisfire for this gift all the way from Greece!  In the box was a very nice gift bag, a Marvel and a DC comic, a Toblerone (promptly claimed by my kids), a Mars bar, a black and white Munsters Koach and a nifty box decorated in drawings…it’s layout is very similar to a box set layout.  Inside the box are customs of the Dr from Dr Who, Predator, Samus Aran, Green Arrow and Deathstroke along with a head with green hair, a Batman head a Darth Vader head and a mini Scarface puppet.  Some of these customs were not finished but there was a note explaining that in the package.  Given how busy my life can be I can totally understand how that goes!  The Green Arrow and Deathstroke strike me as similar to the announced DC Direct 2 pack based from the Injustice: Gods Among Us game.  Huge thanks to Kostisfire for this great gift!  Happy New Year to all my readers and here is to a great 2013 for us all!  Stay tuned for some new ideas and formats to this blog in the coming weeks, thanks for sticking out my creative break!

I swear this picture looked fine on the camera when I took it, sorry for the blurriness!

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