Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 569

Day 569 - December 30th
Playing around while cleaning up!

A little playing around sorting some stuff in the MiniJeff Productions/Portrait of an Addiction HQ yesterday brought about this!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Walking Dead Series 5 revealed!

Walking Dead Series 5 Revealed!

Over at the Dread Central website this morning they got the exclusive reveal of the next series of Walking Dead Minimates, which include some much wanted versions of popular characters as well as some new characters!

The fifth series of The Walking Dead Minimates picks up where Series 4 left off at the end of the prison storyline with a few all-new characters as well as new versions of the popular lead characters. The four two-packs include the first-ever Minimate of Maggie with a new Glenn in riot gear; a new, non-battle-damaged Tyreese with Michonne in her prison clothes; an unhinged Morgan with the new Geek Zombie; and a rare one-per-case variant set of Woodbury spy Martinez with Geek Zombie!
Each Minimate mini-figure stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation and a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories, including hats, hair, and weapons!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 568

Day 568 - December 9th
Secret Santa 2013

So tis the season again over on the Minimate Multiverse website...the annual Secret Santa event!  Once again I happily took part in this event as it is an excellent way to spread the love around with some awesome like minded people.  My 'child' this year had a list that was really easy to tackle and I had no problem filling a box of goodness that they proclaimed to be great once it was received.

Today I almost skipped picking up the mail as I was already out the door without keys for the post office box but something told me I Minimate sense was tingling and even though I wasn't expecting a package I went for it. I was pleasantly surprised to find a parcel card in the mail box and when the package was addressed to 'miniJeff' I had a sneaking suspicion that it may be my present. Popping it open I found all 4 sets of 2 packs for the TRU The Wolverine wave, Superior Spidey/Electro(Spocks eyes were dead on perfect!), Robot Hulk/Rescue and the Hawkeye/Widow packs from TRU 17 and last but not least a loose Nightcrawler. It was the Nightcrawler that sealed the deal to it being my Secret Santa gift!  Also in the box was a picture of a bowl of sour cream, or it could be whipped cream but my brain clicked to it being the clue to who my Santa was...whiter than sour cream - big thanks to Multiverse member Fwooshyman!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 567

Day 567
Exclusive Minimates with new
Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United DVD

Marvel's newest animated DVD is a tale of two titanic team-ups! On the one hand, you've got Iron Man and Hulk teaming up to save the Earth from science's greatest monsters, and on the other hand you've got Marvel and Diamond Select Toys teaming up to make some awesome Minimates. Starting today, everyone who buys the Blu-Ray or DVD of Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United will get a code they can redeem for a free Iron Man Minimate and an exclusive two-pack!

Based on his appearance in the animated film, the new Iron Man Minimate includes a removable helmet and an alternate Tony Stark hair piece, and is free (with $2.59 shipping and handling) when you redeem your coupon code. Plus, code-holders also have the option of buying two more exclusive Minimates -- Hulk in Iron Man Armor and Hulkbuster Iron Man -- for an additional $9.99. Order the DVD from your favorite comic shop or movie store, then check out for more information and to redeem your code!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 566

Day 566 November 28th

10th Anniversary of Marvel Minimates
Museum Display Part 5
Fan Art

This next part is by far one of my crown jewels of this display.  Late last year I had this brainwave of an idea to get Minimate art work done on those handy blank variant covers Marvel (as well as other companies) have started doing.  At first I was trying to figure out how to get photos printed on them as well as other ways to do it myself.  Then I met grade 8 student in one of the schools I was teaching in and he had some great artistic skills.  I ended up checking out more of his work and then got him to draw something based on a photo of some Minimates.  He did a good job so I hit him up with some of these covers, keep in mind some of the early ones he hadn’t actually seen a Minimate in person so to speak, just in my photos.  After he had done a few for me and I had collected a small pile of the covers I had the idea for this museum show and then all the ideas came crashing together and I set out to find artistic Minimate fans to do some fan art on the covers for the show.  I sent some 27ish covers out, fully aware they all may not come back but since the show was not till November and I started sending them out in February I hoped to have a few back for it.  Some of the high lights include pieces by Minimate co-creator Nelson Asencio, Jeff Stephen, Barry Bradfield and Zach Oat – all of Diamond Select Toys! I was lucky enough to get some amazing art back, a total of 17 made it for the show with others still coming – which is great since I have another plan for these Minimate comic covers that will hopefully play out next year!

Also part of this section are some pieces done by Don Brosius (yes he was awesome at offering up some of his collection of art for this, thanks a million Don!).  Don had done 2 individual pencil studies of five different Minimates, one showing their early original release and the second showing the newest version, all bulked up to help show their size better!  He then combined the 2 onto a full colour digital print.  He sent all three versions of the 5 Minimates he did, although space meant I could only use three of them so I had the hard task of narrowing that down!

I am hoping to get a video tour of the display done and up soon too and in the new year once everything comes home each of the comic covers I collected during this will get their own day of spotlight!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 565

Day 565 November 27th

10th Anniversary of Marvel Minimates
Museum Display Part 4
Control Art

Next up in this display is some of the control art that is used in designing the Minimates.  On the bottom of the big display case is an assortment of the design sheets actual pencils by the artists involved with designing them.  Some of these sheets are mine while others are on loan from Don Brosius.  I really like seeing these sheets, especially some of the really detailed ones like the Brood Wolverine or the warp portal from the newest Silver Surfer.  On the small table beside the big case is a hardcover book that I made specifically for this show.  In it is a collection of the finalized control art, fully rendered and coloured, which have been released by DST in promoting new waves as well as some older ones that I got through the interviews I conducted last year on the blog.  One of the neatest parts of the control art in this display, (in my opinion anyways), is the combination of Alpha Flight Minimates with their corresponding Minimates.  I managed to get the control art for the 8 Minimates that were part of the 2 Alpha Flight box sets and since I am giving away Minimates from those sets to visitors of the display I thought this would be an awesome addition to the show!