Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Walking Dead Series 5 revealed!

Walking Dead Series 5 Revealed!

Over at the Dread Central website this morning they got the exclusive reveal of the next series of Walking Dead Minimates, which include some much wanted versions of popular characters as well as some new characters!

The fifth series of The Walking Dead Minimates picks up where Series 4 left off at the end of the prison storyline with a few all-new characters as well as new versions of the popular lead characters. The four two-packs include the first-ever Minimate of Maggie with a new Glenn in riot gear; a new, non-battle-damaged Tyreese with Michonne in her prison clothes; an unhinged Morgan with the new Geek Zombie; and a rare one-per-case variant set of Woodbury spy Martinez with Geek Zombie!
Each Minimate mini-figure stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation and a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories, including hats, hair, and weapons!

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