Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 568

Day 568 - December 9th
Secret Santa 2013

So tis the season again over on the Minimate Multiverse website...the annual Secret Santa event!  Once again I happily took part in this event as it is an excellent way to spread the love around with some awesome like minded people.  My 'child' this year had a list that was really easy to tackle and I had no problem filling a box of goodness that they proclaimed to be great once it was received.

Today I almost skipped picking up the mail as I was already out the door without keys for the post office box but something told me I Minimate sense was tingling and even though I wasn't expecting a package I went for it. I was pleasantly surprised to find a parcel card in the mail box and when the package was addressed to 'miniJeff' I had a sneaking suspicion that it may be my present. Popping it open I found all 4 sets of 2 packs for the TRU The Wolverine wave, Superior Spidey/Electro(Spocks eyes were dead on perfect!), Robot Hulk/Rescue and the Hawkeye/Widow packs from TRU 17 and last but not least a loose Nightcrawler. It was the Nightcrawler that sealed the deal to it being my Secret Santa gift!  Also in the box was a picture of a bowl of sour cream, or it could be whipped cream but my brain clicked to it being the clue to who my Santa was...whiter than sour cream - big thanks to Multiverse member Fwooshyman!!!

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