Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 245

Day 245 September 2nd


            While I have never played Devil May Cry I have always thought there was something neat about the way Dante looked.  It is likely the combo of way cool looking coat and even cooler looking sword!  I am a bit of a sword nut and love a well done sword and Dantes sword has a great look to it, DST did a great job translating that to the minimate version!  While this version is an alternate colour version for the SDCC box set I still dig it and am curious to see how it will look once the classic colour scheme is released.


  1. That guy looks really good! I'm not familiar with him, but I already liked the first we've seen from him.

    Something else: I really like the way you changed the look of your site, but you might reconsider the font in the right sidebar. It's pretty hard to read I think.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Bob - I have adjusted the right sidebar, does it look better? I am also trying to figure out something better with the title as it doesn't quite seem to work. I am totally open to suggestions of course!

  3. It's much better now, Jeff. And thanks for the plug!

  4. Thanks Bob, all too glad to add your blog to the links, its one of my daily stops!