Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 259

Day 259 September 16th

Age of Apocalypse Nemesis/Holocaust

             Well what more can I say about this minimate that is not said/thought by anyone who gets a chance to see it!  First off Holocaust in the comics is pretty big so kudos to DST to going almost to the wall in making the minimate huge!  I took a cue from many of the people that already had him and added a waist space to add some height to him and it looks amazing!  Even with the lights shinning through him you can’t see the spacer in there.  I love translucent minimates; something about them just adds a whole level of fun to them!  The tampo on the head and chest look perfect beneath the containment suit and fit into the look very nicely.  The sculpting detail is dead on especially with the arm cannon!  I had many parts if not most of the Age of Apocalypse story as fond memories but one standout is of course the throw down between Sabretooth and Holocaust and now I can remake that in minimate style!!  Huge props to DST for making AoA minimates and I hope they slip more characters from it into the mix as time goes on.

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  1. This is one of the most visually stunning minimates to come out of DST / AA this year. It's in my top 3 for sure.