Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 251

Day 251 September 8th

Red Hulk

            Much like I said in my review of Wave 41s new bulky green Hulk I really think DST has nailed the bulky body look for the Red Hulk from one of the Marvel vs Capcom 3 SDCC exclusive sets!  So far with only the SDCC releases to go by I am quite happy with the MvsC3 line and am eager to scoop up the regular releases when they do arrive.  This new bulky Red Hulk is more sized to take on the Hulk in a scrap or to throw down with most of Wolverines X-Force crew!  There have been a few fans that have done some modifications to this minimate already, ranging from swapping the hair or the whole head to just some alterations to the face; all in all they look pretty good as well but I have not decided if I like any of them more than how the minimate came.  There is a certain level of anger in this face that seems to match very well with a lot of the Red Hulk stuff I have read.

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