Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 255

Day 255 September 12th

Omega Red

             One of the many villains in the X-Men and Wolverine stable of enemies, it is great to finally see Omega Red in minimate form.  I am really impressed with how well DST handled the coils from his arms, as this is a very important part of the overall look to the character.  DST did a great job with his hair as well since in the comics he has the big hair and they captured that very well, although it does get in the way of the awesome job they did with his face.  I am a bit torn on the bulked up chest piece they did.  While it does a good job with the costume look and he is a bigger character it almost seems too bulky on the minimate.  I know some people have trimmed it down and it looks pretty good but I am not sure if I am that interested in trying that modification myself.

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