Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 256

Day 256 September 13th

Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth

             This is arguably my most favourite character to come out of the Age of Apocalypse storyline.  The way he was written was amazing and I really enjoyed the character development, which is something lacking in most stories with Sabretooth in the regular Marvel universe.  Given how much I enjoyed this character in the comics I was pretty much through the roof excited when they announced him as a minimate.  The wait from the announcement till the release seemed like forever and then even longer till I got one of my own.  On a whole I am happy to have him but there are parts that make it less then the high level of excitement I had while waiting for it.  The first most glaring thing is the feet, which I know my picture doesn’t show but they are just plain feet, not even the paint of a boot going up the shin or anything.  He had boots in the comic so I had expected something with the minimate, but they seemed to drop the ball at that point.  The other piece that kind of bugs me is the oversized chest cap.  While I do see the point of it and yes Sabretooth is a bigger character, especially in this universe, it seems almost too big and bulky on the minimate.  A good friend of mine has done some modifications to his Sabretooth which include adding some boots and it seems to add some balance to the chest piece size, I might have to get some parts together and see if he is interested in repeating that work!

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  1. I was disappointed with my Sabretooth AOA minimate. Mine came with deformed C3 feet. He can barely stand!! However, the gorgeous Blink minimate made up for it!