Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 249

Day 249 September 6th


            I was all too happy to hear the news about the Marvel vs Capcom 3 license since there are tons of Capcom games that I know and love the characters from.  One thing I was not too thrilled about was the reveal of this particular character.  I have never played Darkstalkers and really have no knowledge about the franchise but there is a part of me that blames the Darkstalkers inclusion in the previous Street Fighter 2 minimate line as part of the downfall of it before we could get the key characters from the SF universe.  In reality there were many factors that contributed to it I know but seeing Morrigan again in 2 different costumes brings up some lingering angst.  Aside from that this is a good looking minimate, leap and bounds better than her previous version for sure!  I still do enjoy how DST did the hairpiece again with the little wings in it and the way they made her wings to look proper to the source material is a great touch of creative thinking!

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