Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 361

Day 361 December 27th


            I did not see it coming when DST and TRU announced what their fan poll box set of this year would be a heralds of Galactus set.  Honestly I had a hard time choosing 4 out of the 6 options they gave us but surprisingly the 4 in the set were on my short list.  Morg here looks awesome; I love how DST did the details on him.  His armoured boots and greaves look great and the tampos are nice and clean!  Instead of making his head and hair one sculpted piece they made it that the hair comes up the back of the head from a piece on the neck which looks good even if it does limit the head movement somewhat.  I love the look of his axe and already have visions of it being used elsewhere.  The purple energy flight base is a nice touch too!

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  1. I love this mate, the only flaw is his hair. While attempting to remove his head, I snapped off the part of his hairpiece that fits around his neck. If you must remove the head, make sure push his chin towards his chest and pull it off thusly. Any other way WILL snap off the piece mentioned above. Careful be-heading y'all.