Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 336

  Day 336 December 2nd

Review of NYCC Maximum Zombies 2-pack

Launching at the NYCC this year was another in house line of minimates, Maximum Zombies!  The timing on these is pretty great considering the high wave of pop culture fame zombies are riding right now!

            Packaging – This exclusive uses the standard blister pack style packaging with a fully clear plastic bubble.  This offers great visibility for the product as well as what is all included in the set.  The card back looks awesome, very fitting to the line and the back has a great write up about both minimates included in the set.

Doctor – I cannot believe how epic this zombie is!!  DST has gone above and beyond here.  The blood splatters, the torn clothes, the detail of ties for the scrubs and mask!!! But the coup de gras has to be the bloody minimate handprint on the gown, what great little detail!!!  I love the facial detail too; the broken glasses and the bloody mouth are brilliant.  To top it off that detail carries into the second head included in the set.  It has the same broken piece of glasses and the mouth is also all bloody!  Add to all these awesome details the bloody hands/claws and the bloody chainsaw and this is one wicked zombie doctor!

Biker – I have to say this is another great looking zombie minimate.  All the little details like the decaying sunken skin, the stubbed face with thin sunglasses, the belt and buckle, the boots!  The tampos are clean and crisp with all the details showing nicely.  I love the minimate styled skull and crossbones tattoo and the Calico Raiders logo on the back of the vest.  There is an additional actual vest piece that can go over the torso block and it also has the Calico Raiders logo on it – a nice little sideways nod to DST’s other in house line of pirate minimates perhaps.  This version of the biker zombie looks an awful lot like Dog the bounty hunter and I am not the only one to mention this lol.  The second head has a shorter buzzed looking hairpiece along with a gash across its one eye.  I also swapped out the hairpieces for a couple pics, really showing how you can get a bunch of different looks to the minimates.  Bring on the zombie horde!!

            I love this set, as I knew that I would right from the time it was announced.  DST really has done a great job designing these and from the looks of the other zombies they had on display at the convention this line has some great things coming!  I give it a 5 out of 5 with a bite!

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  1. Having seen the upcoming Zombie wave(s) I must say, those are the weakest. They are pretty cool, but the others are going to be mind(brain)blowing. Nice review and great pics as always.