Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 355

Day 355 December 21st

Secret Santa Package

            One thing I have really come to enjoy about the Minimate Multiverse is the annual Secret Santa.  I love seeing what kind of fun stuff everyone gets from their secret Santa.  My ‘child’ got their package last week and was very happy with it, especially the little extra I tossed in there.  Today my package came.  First thing I did was look at the return address and try and see if I could figure out which forum members are from Texas.  So upon opening the package the first thing I find is a folded piece of paper followed by two Ziploc bags with tissue wrapped bundles inside.  Unfolding the paper I am greeted by a photo of World War Hulk holding the T2 chain gun and the Ultimate Green Goblin holding the slab of meat from the first Rocky box set posed a set of Luke’s old dioramas.  It says on the picture “Merry Christmas from Green Dudes with random weapons”.  A very cool looking Christmas card for sure.  I then select one of the bags to open and after unwrapping the first bundle find none other than the World War Hulk minimate holding the chain gun from the picture!  The second bundle in the bag is indeed the Ultimate Green Goblin with the slab of meat!  In the next bag are three bundles to unwrap.  As I open the first one a Thor’s hammer falls out of it, very appropriate as inside is a wicked Spider Thor custom!  In the next bundle is a very cool and creepy zombie snowman custom…love the arms used on it as they really look like gnarled tree branches from spooky cartoons.  Last but certainly not least is a custom of a battle damaged female ninja including a blood stained sword!  I love this package, there is so much awesome in it and the details in the customs are amazing!  A huge thanks to my Santa, whoever you are…once I know who you are I can thank you again!!

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