Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 339

                                                              Day 339 December 5th

Museum Display round 2

            I touched up the display in the museum once receiving some more posters as well as some control art direct from Diamond Select Toys!  DST seems very impressed with the show and the museum loved the addition especially the control art as it is hand drawn and provided the linking piece between my display and the 2 other displays that are running alongside mine – both of them focus on art, one by an artist and the other a display of original comic book art.  I also added some title cards to the sections, just in case some people are not familiar with the characters, or in the case of Calico Jack’s Pirate Raiders, it is a totally new thing for them!  So here is the display in its complete state now, enjoy!!



  1. Jeff that looks great. My son and I were there a few weeks ago but will need to go back to see your new artwork up close. I hope you don't mind we also took some pictures of some of your minimates we don't have.

  2. C.Atkins - are you from Humboldt, or around Humboldt?? I am glad to hear that someone else that enjoys minimates was in to the show! I am very curious as to what you guys collect and which you need - I have a small pile of doubles and spares lol. Drop me a line and we can chat about it if you want!

  3. Hi Jeff. I am from Waldheim about 35 min north of saskatoon on the west side of the river. I have about 600 minimates and my son has aprox 50. Avery's are more of a mix and match though because he likes to create his own heros. I mostly have marvel but try not to limit my colection just to the one brand. I have around 20 halo figures, maybe 30 to 35 d.c, some back to the future, some universal monsters and some oddballs as well. I started collecting around series 32 and am slowly working backwards. I did have a few from when they were taking over the shelves at wallmart back in 2003. It would be great to talk to you at some point in the future. I've followed your blog off and on for awhile but never realized where you were from. Jeff at Amazing stories sent me your way when he found out you had a display up. My email is I'd rather not broadcast my phone number on the interweb but would be happy to send it via email. have a great day. I work a nightshift so sometimes my getting back to people hours are a little off. chris atkins