Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 347

Day 347 December 13th


            I had come across this great assortment of sci fi based Lego weapons on some website but they wanted an astronomically ridiculous amount for shipping on the set.  After lamenting this fact for a bit I had a brainwave to check brickarms and low and behold not only could I get weapons individually but I could get them shipped from within Canada too!  So this is just a small sample of the awesome stuff I got from them.  Brickforge is another great place to get Lego stuff that can be easily modified for minimate use!


  1. wow! nice weapons, especially the clear flame- like bladed weapon. and the pair of hand guns.

  2. Brickarms are great! There's a nother little shop/studio specializing in Japanese culture stuff. Unfortunatelly I forgot the name, but I ordered some amazingly detailed swords from them once.