Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 337


Day 337 December 3rd

Review of the TRU exclusive HALO universe M12 LAAV Warthog with M68 ALIM Gauss Cannon and the Noble Team

This special bundle style packaging for the HALO warthogs was a great idea!  There are two different sets available, both with a warthog and 3 minimates.  The warthog in this review is new because it has the Gauss Cannon on it while the other is the standard warthog.  I think this is such a great way to get more interest in both minimates and the vehicles as you instantly have more playability because of the inclusion of more minimates. 

            Packaging – This exclusive is a big box of good stuff!  The blue colour of the box really pops out and the big minimates logo is a great branding placement on the package!  I personally love the cut away HALO lettering on the top of the package too!  The large clear window on the front gives a great view of whats included in the package and the back gives a great write up about the warthog for people not fully in the know, like me.  On the inside the warthog is held in place with a long twist tie.  Two of the three minimates are also held in place that way, while the third is riding in the warthog already!  I am not a huge fan of the twist ties to hold toys in their packaging but its what works best in some cases.

M12 LAAV Warthog with M68 ALIM Gauss Cannon – I do absolutely love the minimate vehicles and the warthogs are some of the most fun ones out there!  They really take me back to my childhood playing with Star Wars and GI Joe figures and their respective vehicles.  Being able to now do that with my minimates is just as much fun, although I wish I had the amount of time to play that I had back then when weekends and holidays seemed to stretch far longer than they do now!  The details on this warthog are basically the same as the previous ones, aside from the gauss cannon, but the way I look at it is why change what is already working so well!

Noble Team – Emile, Jorge and Noble 6 – As I have mentioned before I don’t play HALO and have no knowledge base for these characters but it doesn’t stop me from appreciating how well made they are.  They each have tons of armour detail and it really works for the look they are going for.  It has been said that some of the weapons have been changed to be more character accurate which is a nice touch in what is otherwise a straight re-release of the minimates.  I do really dig Jorge’s face under the helmet, the only one of the three that has an actual face tampo under the helmet, and will likely find a place to use it somewhere else.

            I love being able to add another minimate vehicle to the MiniJeff productions garage!  This set pulls off a great combo deal and considering how quickly they flew off the shelves in my local TRU I hope DST will look at similar setups for other vehicles.  I know I would not mind paying a bit more like this to get some other vehicles with more than one minimate!  5 out of 5 all around this one!

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