Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 334

 Day 334 November 30th

Review of NYCC Exclusive Spider Man and Fire Chief Max

This is one really cool idea for an exclusive 2-pack and even better to have it at the New York comic con!

            Packaging – This exclusive uses the new style of packaging which has the new and improved larger window and it still rocks!  The artwork on the front no longer runs the risk of obscuring the minimates inside and is also used on the side flaps, which provides a nice consistent feel to the package.  The back showcases the entire wave along with a small bio/write up box for both characters.  The colour used on this package is a dark blue.

Spider Man – The biggest thing that immediately stands out with this minimate is the fact that it is not just another Spider Man but is in fact a Spider Man in fire fighter gear!  You can clearly see Spidey’s mask and torso costume and his red hands but after that it is all firefighter.  He is wearing the open fire chief jacket which is standard to the M.A.X. fire chief sets.  The major difference with the jacket is on the back it has NYCC 2011 on the back of it, giving a nod to the con at which it was first available.  Spidey also has the black fire fighters pants and boots.  The other bit of gear is the red helmet.  Unlike the previous fire fighter releases this helmet has got the number 62 on it, a little nod to the year of the first Spider Man comic!  Great touch there DST!  The colours on this minimate are so crisp and bold, it looks awesome! Spidey also comes with his webline, which really is just a great thing to get and no matter how many I have kickin around here I always welcome another one or ten.

Fire Chief Max – The first thing that jumps out at me here is the fact that this fire chef appears to have a name, and DST did confirm it that he is in fact named Max, a first in the more generic civilian minimates to be named.  This is basically a re-release of the M.A.X. fire fighter, all the gear is the same and paint/tampos are the same.  The helmets are the same bright red as Spideys and both have the number 62 as well.  The back of the jacket also displays the same NYCC 2011 logo as Spideys does, which makes sense.  I really do love the M.A.X. minimates and this is just one more bit of that, even though he will live in the Marvel display case!  Max does come with the feet, arms and hair to have him displayed in his more off duty/firehouse look too.

This set surprised me in the fact that it was very much like a standard M.A.X. set in the amount of gear that came with it.  Not only does Max have the parts to be in a casual look but there are also 2 heavy duty flashlights with straps, 2 axes and the helmet with mask and oxygen tank harness gear too!  The only thing I found lacking in this set were the fire extinguishers, seemed to be an odd piece to be missing from a fire fighters themed set.  I think on a whole this set is a fun addition to my collection without a doubt and will be gathering some extras as the younger fans are going to love it!  I hope that down the road DST might be able to give use a fire hose type accessory similar to how Pallisade did it in the Die Hard PALZ line.  I do have to give this set 4.5 out of 5 for missing a fire extinguisher, vital to fire safety! 

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