Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 323


Day 323 November 19th

Saturday celebrations!

            Happy Birthday to my lovely wife!  On this day I am showcasing her minimate collection. 

There is her Robot of course, and she also has another one that is encased in soap from a project I had done a few years ago. 

Next up is a snowman made by Minimate Multiverse member Cappy – she loves snowmen so when I had saw this one I had to ask Cappy about it and ended up getting it from him for her. 

Next is Ma Hunkel Red Tornado – she just thought it was a pretty neat looking minimate.  

Now is another snowman that I made for her thanks to a Xevoz snowman head.  

Lastly and probably one of her most favorite minimates is her Jack from Jack in the Box.  At the time of this creation they had been running some pretty funny commercial on T.V. and on our trip to Seattle to see her favourite band we had to stop at a Jack in the Box so we could get the antenna ball head.  We also met fellow collectors Cappy and Don on that trip which was very cool indeed.  Once we were home she was not sure what to do with it and she came up with the idea to turn it into a minimate custom!  I will gladly help get extras of any minimate she wants to add to her own collection.

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