Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 313

Day 313 November 9th

Venom with tongue

            This is my other favorite Venom minimate!  It is an interesting bit of history with this minimate and why I class it as a completely separate minimate for this wave.  With the release of this wave in the specialty stores wave and in the single packs he did not have the tongue.  Yet when they released these waves in Canadian Wal-mart stores it included both the tongue and non tongue versions.  Art Asylum allowed you to request the tongued head from them, for those US-based collectors.  Any of the re-releases since then had both heads.  I always treated them as separate minimates and it wasn’t until I got the variant black costumed Spider-man/Venom 2-pack that I displayed Venom without a tongue.  It is too bad that they didn’t do something like this for the Gene Simmons KISS minimate!

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