Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 332

 Day 332 November 28th

Review of Marvel wave 42
Armoured Thor and Beta Ray Bill

This is hands down one of my most anticipated waves this year.  I have become such a fan of the Thor part of the Marvel universe that I am over the moon to get these!  I was only able to get 2 out the 4 packs at this time so my review of the other 2 sets will come as soon as I can get them!

            Packaging – Wave 42 uses the new style of packaging which has the new and improved larger window and it still rocks!  The artwork on the front no longer runs the risk of obscuring the minimates inside and is also used on the side flaps, which provides a nice consistent feel to the package.  The back showcases the entire wave along with a small bio/write up box for both characters.

Beta Ray Bill – While some might look down on this minimate since it is essentially the same as the one that was just released in the SDCC box set I would beg to differ.  While the previous one looked great in the set it was released this one looks even better!  The colours here are more metallic which reflect the more current look Beta Ray Bill and in the comics and I love the metallic look of his helmet!  Even his hammer, Stormbreaker, has a more metallic look to it!  The other standout feature in this minimate is that the head has gotten a bit more paint attention and looks lightyears better!  It may not seem like much but just these little changes make this minimate standout a lot compared to the first one!

Armoured Thor – This look came about in the comics at a time when Thor had been enchanted and was in a weakened state and unable to withstand the physical punishment of combat he created this mystical armour to help him.  DST really did a great job getting this look dead on without adding too much restrictive bulk to the minimate.  I especially love the attention to the detail that Thor only had a bracer on one wrist due to an injury and they reflect that in the minimate only including one bracer piece!  I really like the way they got the chain mail headgear that comes down under the helmet and covers the back of the neck too, spot on!  The helm itself is golden with silver wings and even the portion that covers over the yes lines up to the eyes beneath!  I am happy to see that they stuck to the bigger look for Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir, including the enchantment engraved on the side.  The boots are using the newer half design to limit the need of bigger bulky boots of days past.  The other new idea DST has employed in this wave with the Thor minimates is a new way of doing his cape.  It really adds the bigger grandeur that Thor’s capes tend to have by having holders coming from the shoulders but it does not add to the bulk of the minimate and even does not restrict the movement of the arm a whole bunch.  Nice design job there DST!  Included in this set as well are the long locks for Thor to be displayed with his helmet off.  I do really enjoy the epicness that is Thor’s beard on this minimate, so much so that I may have to get a second to use that face in some custom ideas!

This set is another home run for DST and the Marvel minimates line!  Both of these minimates look great and are detailed to near perfection!  It doesn’t always happen that we can get two great minimates out of the same pack but I cannot find any reason to give this set any less than 5 out of 5!  Great job DST!!

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