Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 385

Day 385 January 20th

M.A.X. Stealth Tech Jet - Blue

DST has expanded our fleet of Stealth Tech jets again, this time with a nifty translucent blue version!  Even the pilot is made up of mostly blue-tinted translucent plastic; which helps make this set even more of a win win for me!  I have to applaud DST for taking a pretty cool idea in these jets and running with it; some simple tweaks and it is a pretty cost effective rerelease that is not a straight rerelease and will appeal to people of all ages.  I know my kids and other kids that have seen my collection light up even more when they see the vehicles and generally the first ones they want to play with are these jets(although the pirate ships are gaining popularity in that one too!).

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