Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 366

Day 366 January 1st

            Happy New Year to you all!  I hope that this next year brings health and happiness for us all, along with some more minimates of course!  Since 2012 brings us the TENTH anniversary of our beloved minimates I have some special posts coming your to kick off the new year, starting tomorrow.  As for what they are, well that would be telling, you will have to come back tomorrow and see!  I know I found them to be awesome little posts as I have been putting them together and I hope you will too!  As for today’s post it will be another double shot day, one post from myself and since it is Sunday you will also get another post from Kye.  Enjoy and again Happy New Year!

Review of Wave 42 Civil War Captain America and Arnim Zola

Getting back around to my review of wave 42 finally!  This is the final set of this wave available at the comic book and specialty store nearest you.  This set along with the armoured Thor and Beta Ray Bill are also part of the 12th wave of Toys R Us Marvel minimates.

            Packaging – This set has the Marvel box style with bigger window view of the minimates.  The package is red coloured like the rest of the wave.  On the sides is the control art for the minimates and the back has a group picture of the wave as well as bios for the characters in this pack.

Arnim Zola – I am fuzzier on this character as I have not been all that interested in the Avengers/Captain America side of the Marvel universe while I was growing up.  I have been slowly changing that and am enjoying what I am finding!  I do know that DST has done an incredible job getting the look right for this minimate.  The colours are spot on right down to the skin tones in the project face on the screen.  Speaking of that the facial expression is unreal; they really did an amazing job getting it to look as real yet distorted as it does in source material I have seen.  I am very impressed with the uniquely sculpted head piece as well; again very true to the source material.  All in all a great looking minimate and always nice to add another villain to the collection!

Civil War Captain America – The theme or concept behind this minimate somewhat has me stumped.  At one point it looks to be a 90’s style when a lot of the Avengers were wearing the brown leather jackets.  The jacket is awesome and looks great, the ‘A’ on the left arm is very well done and cleanly printed.  I really dig the small straps incorporated onto the hand that holds his shield; it is a nice streamlined piece, not too bulky.  I prefer this look to be without his mask and just hairpiece but it still works either way.  The piece that really throws me is the secondary helmet piece included in the set.  It is a nod to the helmet from the movie and a reuse from the Ultimates Cap variant and just seems out of place.  It looks great just seems out of place.  To continue on this minimate goes yet another step in including arms and hands to have a Cap minimate full on without the coat and in all honesty I was very pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this look!  We have a few really nice looking classic Captain America minimates that I wasn’t too sure that this one would be all that great but once I made the switch I was blown away!  The look is just awesome!  I am going to have a hard time displaying him with the coat look as opposed to the regular look

            I really dig this set, another great villain as well as a good looking core character, plus the jacket piece is going to be useful for some alternate looking Avengers too.  I give this set 4.5 out of 5 since the feet on my Cap seemed to be miss molded and he leans forward too much.  It might be just with this particular set but I did find it very frustrating to get him to stand…until I remembered the base included in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 sets – life saver right there!

And now….

Sundays with my Son

            Happy New Year everyone!!  I really hope you all have a great year and enjoy reading this blog with my and my dad!

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