Friday, January 27, 2012

Exclusive Premiere!

Exclusive Premiere – Marvel TRU Wave 13

Today brings a debut to the blog, well 2 debuts in fact.  One being the new section to Portrait of an Addiction – a news section where I will make additional posts to cover news releases related to our favourite toys Minimates!  The second debut is the EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of the lucky 13th wave of Marvel Minimates to hit Toys R Us!

This wave consists of a nice assortment of characters from across the Marvel Universe and out of the 8 Minimates in the wave 7 are brand new, only the Daredevil will be a repeat, being the same as the one slated for wave 43.  In this assortment we have:

Ø      Spider-Sense Spider-Man and The Punisher – This is the first new Punisher Minimate since the Punisher: War Zone box set and is based on his first appearance where he took on none other then Spider-Man!  Appropriately Spidey comes with a removable spider-sense effect to help him dodge the Punishers attacks!
Ø      Daredevil and Kingpin – The first Kingpin Minimate goes all the way back to the very first wave of Marvel Minimates in 2003 and this new one is a welcomed update thanks to DSTs new big-body design for bigger characters like the Hulk.  He is packed with his long time foe Daredevil in his traditional red costume!
Ø      Mirage and Magma – Heading into the X-Men side of the Marvel Universe DST brings us two highly anticipated New Mutant favourites in Mirage and the fiery Magma!  Both of these are first timers to the Minimates line and will help round out anyones New Mutants collection!
Ø      Boomer and Rictor – DST flashes back to the 90’s with these versions of Rictor and Boomer from X-Force.  These two all new Minimates fill out the roster of that record breaking comic team and give mutants fans a couple more characters to add to their collection!

Look for this assortment in Toys R Us stores and online at in March!

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  1. Congrats on hitting the big time with your first premiere Jeff!