Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 377

Super Pursuit Mode K.T.T.T.!

Nice details underneath and RUBBER TIRES!!!

Great job on the wrist remote/communicator

The Hoff!

Day 377 January 12th

Previews exclusive Super Pursuit Mode K.I.T.T. with Michael Knight

Talk about a blast from my childhood past, Knight Rider was one of those shows I watched as a kid growing up.  I always wanted a K.I.T.T. toy but never had one.  When DST showed these off last year I was very excited by the idea of it all.  Well that excited was well deserved when I opened this one up last night!  This is an amazingly awesome minimate vehicle!  The details are dead on and very cool for the scale!  DST is definitely learning as they go with these as you can see how they did a better job in the sizing of it and making sure they made the inside big enough for the minimates.  I have noticed this change in the HALO warthogs as well and love it as it shows that DST is very serious about the vehicles line and its continuation.  The Michael Knight minimate is great, very David Hasselhoff looking and I love that they did the wrist communicator so he can talk to K.I.T.T. remotely!  I am super happy with this car and it is another great piece of my childhood added back to my collection! 

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