Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 378

Day 378 January 13th

K.A.R.R. with Garthe Knight

While I can vividly recall K.A.R.R. in my memories of Knight Rider I totally blank on Garthe.  DST did another great job with capturing the slightly different look for K.A.R.R….the evil vehicle counterpart to the heroic K.I.T.T. .  My only qualm with these has been the tiny decals for on the dash…tough to get on but great attention to detail at the same time!  I really dig how they made it that you put the tail light sticker on and then snap the translucent cover over them…nice touch there!  Garthe looks totally pimped out, especially with his walking stick and gold chain over his manscaped chest lol!  Loving it! 

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