Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 375

Day 375 January 10th

TRU exclusive First Appearance Thor

In what I have dubbed the year of Thor DST really goes above and beyond with this minimate version of Thor from his early appearances.  It really hits so much of Jack Kirby’s look, from the lock of hair at the front of the helmet to the elongated handle on Mjolnir; they even got the inscription on the mighty hammer to look in the font of those early comics!  That is dedication to getting the look right there!  I do enjoy the more sculpted looking straps on his boots, they really add a certain pop to the look and I love the fact that he comes with the walking stick for creating a Donald Blake custom.  I had actually been searching out a walking stick prop for my comic right around the time we found out that this minimate was coming with it, so that was even more perfect in my eyes!

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