Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 379

Day 379 January 14th

Mabel’s Labels

With an ever growing collection of anything storage can sometimes become an issue.  DST did an awesome job with the collector’s cases, especially for people who can’t or chose not to have their minimates on display.  For me I only feasibly have room for my Marvel collection to be displayed, plus the way I want to display them plays a factor into that too.  So I have been adding these cases for storing my non displayed collection but this also presents a small problem…how do I know what’s in the cases?  Well I found the solution with a product that is already in my house thanks to keeping track of the kids stuff especially at school…Mabel’s Labels!  With all sorts of options and designs for labels I was able to find one that fit what I needed and not only were they customizable to suit my needs they are decently priced too!  The ones that I used are the custom bin labels and they are customizable to what you want them to say and you get 30 for $21 and shipping which is really reasonable, and fast too!  Here’s the link!

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