Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 372

Day 372 January 7th

Review of TRU Wave 12 Secret War Captain America and Crossbones

Taking a small break from my 10th anniversary interviews here is a review of one of the TRU exclusive packs from wave 12.

Packaging – This set has the Marvel box style with bigger window view of the minimates.  The package is red coloured like the rest of the wave.  On the sides is the control art for the minimates and the back has a group picture of the wave as well as bios for the characters in this pack.

Crossbones – I am super pumped to be getting this villain especially since he has played some big roles in the comics as of late.  DST goes all out with him giving us multiple ways to display him, one with the big vest piece as well as a less bulky tactical harness; although I prefer to display him without either one since they did such a great job with the chest tampo…the details and the signature bones look amazing!  The face design is dead on, nailing the skull mask perfectly!  Crossbones also comes with a belt for when the vest piece is removed as well as a pistol and holster and a knife as well as a Colt AR-15 rifle.  This is quite easily the most popular minimate in this round of exclusives and will be high sought after.

Secret War Captain America – This costume comes from the Secret War mini series in which Nick Fury assembles a covert team to engage in some hush hush missions in the nation of Latveria, the nation ruled by Dr. Doom.  Caps costume is a darker version, with the suit mainly being a black or very deep blue.  I have not read the comics but after getting this minimate I want to check them out!  The colours look great and there is no sign of any bleeding or anything.  Nice crisp details make this an amazing minimate!  The detail that blew me away is the tiny American flag on his left shoulder, it looks fantastic!!  Cap has a new belt in this costume and straps to hold his shield on his back.  I love that DST has been getting the faces to match the masks so the eyes and eye holes line up!

            I really dig this set, another great villain as well as a good looking core character in an alternate costume.  I can easily give this set 5 out of 5 since it rocks on all levels!  The extra bonus was I walked into my local Canadian Toys R Us store and found these on the pegs!!  It really made my day to get these here and not have to worry and wait for my friends south of the border to find me some extras.

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  1. Wow!
    Lovely review of this set, Crossbones looks super super Mean!!