Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 297

Day 297 October 24th

Dedicated to my good friend Jeff Hollick, in honour of his zombie filled obstacle course!

NYCC Maximum Zombies promo Review

            This promo was given away at the 2011 New York Comic-Con to help promote DST’s new in house line of Maximum Zombies minimates.

Packaging – As with all promos this one comes in a sealed plastic baggie and has a sticker affixed to it.  The sticker has the year on the top and the line title on it, in this case Maximum Zombies.  It also tells where it is from, so the NYCC logo is there too.  All other necessary information and the DST and Art Asylum logos are also on it; pretty standard fare for a promo minimate.

 The Zombie – Right out of the gate DST hits us with some great detailing on a basic minimate body!  The colours are bold and crisp and the yellowy skin has a nice zombie feel to it.  Nice facial details and expression go hand in hand with the great detailing of the shirt on the torso and they even gave some pants detail to the crotch piece.  All of this is great but it is the bloody gore detailing that helps push this one to the top as a great zombie minimate; he is covered in it!!  On the face, chest, arms and even the legs!!  The choice of hairpiece suits the look and the clawed hands are perfect!!

This minimate zombie is the part of the first crop of the new line and thusly carries a big role as flag bearer heralding the arrival of the Maximum Zombies.  Yet he doesn’t have a name and looking at him I am torn as to what exactly to call him.  I am leaning towards Carl for some reason.

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