Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 293

Day 293 October 20th

Cartographer – Glow in the Dark

            I am more than happy to see DST release another round of the minimate collector’s/carrying case.  It really is a well made case and has huge a usefulness especially for those of use that want a nice way to store/transport minimates that are not on display.  This release of the case came with a pirate minimate for the Calico Jacks Pirate Raiders line; more specifically it came with an undead glow in the dark pirate minimate!  DST has officially named this guy the cartographer and he is a variant of the minimate that is included with one of the upcoming pirate ships.  Some simple additions of a chain belt piece and wrist cuffs are really just bonus when you look at the awesome details on this minimate!  His facial details alone are great, with the big ‘X’ over an eerie yellow eye and the tattoo treasure map design that runs down the face and chest and even on the back of the torso.  When not glowing there are faint pink body details on the front and back of the torso as well as on the arms; these details pop out when the minimate glows however, looking great!  The cartographer is a great addition to the undead crew of Captain Vanes and will really look fantastic with the upcoming glow in the dark pirate ship!

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