Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 292

Day 292 October 19th

“Old Dad the Cooper”

            This is such a great looking minimate, right down to the peg/spiked leg!  It looks more like the tip of a harpoon has been attached to the end of the leg of Cooper here and the details look amazing!  The chest cap has a nice looking vest and bandoleers strapped around it.  This piece is removable to reveal a muscular chest below.  There are tattoos on the arms and on the head too, as well as earrings which is somewhat a signature of the pirate mythos.  On his left hand he has a clawed weapon strapped on it, which looks very cool and is very well done!  His blunderbuss looks awesome but due to the nature of minimates is more decorative than usable as a weapon.  One of the neat extras to the figure is the fact that the headpiece is a slip on mask, when removed it reveals a bare skull!!  Awesomeness right there!  One of the other highlights to this entire line has been the amount of work DST has done with the back story, taking these characters out of some of the fact they were based on and really creating a solid story of their own with them, great work!!

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