Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 277

Day 277 October 4th


            This is one funky looking character!  I do not play many Playstation games, I do own a PS2 but I bought it bundled with Lego Batman and a DC animated movie for super cheap one year before Christmas but really have not played it all that much so I am not entirely familiar with many of the games.  That being said I can admire a great looking minimate when I see one and this is filled with neat parts.  The head sculpt is top notch and I love the ears as they remind me of one of my all time fave comic books, Poison Elves wherein the elves have huge ears.  Add to that the wickedly cool looking goggles and then the gun which holsters on the back and the boots.  This minimate is one that I am happy to have even though I have never played the game!

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