Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 284

Day 284 October 11th

Calico Jack

            This is an absolutely brilliant idea on the part of DST!  An in house line of pirate minimates which look absolutely amazing!  Calico Jack is a great looking minimate full of detail.  He is main character of the line and is every bit the center piece look, his has a rugged yet not too far gone look, the long sweeping coat and his black bandana and shaggy blond hair look great.  He comes armed with a double barreled flintlock and a wicked looking short sword which is serrated along the back side.  Remove his coat and there is a good looking chest tampo which is a great touch so you can play with/display him either way.  I have a feeling this line is going to add some great depth to the minimate brand!

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