Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 294

Day 294 October 21st

Bearded Pirate

            This oddly unnamed pirate came with the first pirate ship in the Calico Jack’s Pirate Raiders minimates line.  My wife took one look at him and named him Ginger McBearderson and thus he shall be called!  He comes decked out in the flared boots and gloves common in this line.  His chest cap piece is a repainted reuse from Old Dad the Cooper and he also borrows the blunderbuss from him as well.  He has a great orange beard and hair piece (reused from Volstagg) which has some grey showing along the edges; really giving him a weathered pirate look.  Add to this a more hardened face with a scar over his left eye and it all adds up to a great looking pirate!

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