Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 288

Day 288 October 15th

Nicholas Vanhoorn

            Nicholas Vanhoorn is one creepy looking minimate!  The design team at DST really knocked this one dead, literally, as he is one wicked looking undead pirate!  The tattered and torn clothes, the open mouth with broken and missing teeth, the dried up skin and of course the one red glaring eye and the other vacant eye socket really bring this minimate to a top floor detail level.  Taking off the tattered chest piece more deathly details are found with the skin sunken in around the ribs, giving the very gory impression of there being no vital organs in the body cavity.  Even his weapons are nicely detailed and slightly spooky, one being a dolphin shaped sword and the other being a seahorse-esque gun.  A great minimate for a great line, if DST keeps this up this pirate raiders line is going to be amazing!

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