Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 291

Day 291 October 18th

Charles Vanes

            The main villain in the Pirates line, Vanes is an undead pirate monster and DST has really done a great job with him.  The hat and grizzly facial hair is all sculpted to his head and he has some really crazy sculpted hands, and there are even rings on the hands too!  His coat looks awesome, all tattered and such – huge props again for the details here, and under it we have a tattered shirt with details of a withered body under.  At the top of the shirt it is open exposing a bony rib cage and a necklace/charm, great little extra detail there!  Vanes’ sword is a great curvy, spikey looking thing that I would hate to try and wield, let alone fight against at all!

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