Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 295

Day 295 October 22nd

Pirate Ship

            I was defiantly not one of the people who complained about the ‘deformed’ or squished look that the vehicles in the minimates vehicle line had to be in order to work in DST’s price plan since it meant we would be getting vehicles which I think add a whole new level of fun and play to the minimate brand.  The first ship in the Pirate Raiders line is of course Calico Jacks ship and it does indeed add that next level of fun to the line.  Yes it is not in scale to the minimates but really it is so loaded with awesome that really doesn’t matter.  I don’t even know where to begin talking about it!  The amount of details in it are incredible, from the mast with crows nest (which has a foot peg!) to the frosted/semitransparent windows to the captains quarters, the opening doors to the captains quarters and the little lamps hanging outside that.  The flag and sail are both emblazoned with the skull and crossbones, done minimate style!  I have long been using a minimate-esque skull and crossbones as my Minijeff Productions logo but this one is pretty slick and might prompt me to revamp mine!  The mast is in several pieces which allows for some height play and if you purchase a second ship you can add the mast from that one to one ship as there are two holes on the deck for mast placements and they even mention it in the assembly instructions!  I love how the wheel is in scale to a minimate and they can actually hold the handles, makes for some great play and poses!  The top deck over the captain’s quarters flips open to allow a good access to the room below, which contains a nice chair for the captain to have a seat in it.  The cargo hold grate on the main deck opens to the hold below and the whole deck itself is removable.  The amazing wood details from the outside of the ship are continued below deck as well and there are rows of little cannons inside!  These are really neat looking and I love the fact that they actually slide back and forth (to a degree) to give for more detailed playing fun!  There are also hidden planks on either side of the main deck that slide out – I love this even though I recently learnt that pirates didn’t actually make people walk the plank as it was far too much hullabaloo and they would just throw the offender overboard or kill them.  Overall this ship is awesome!  Loaded with tons of details and fun I think DST has a great idea on its hands with the whole pirate line and I look forward to adding more of it to my collection!

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