Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 243

Day 243 August 31st

Beta Ray Bill

While the Stormbreaker box set is billed as a Thor box set the star of the set is very obviously Beta Ray Bill. Earlier in my minimate collecting a character like this seemed very unlikely due to the level of sculpting required, especially for the head, but now a days with how much DST has really grown with how they make minimates I truly believe that any character is possible! This is a great looking minimate! Very true to how he looks in the comics and the details are amazing! The new gloves, the new, more armoured looking leg pieces, the great boots and even the chest cap which thankfully does NOT make him seem sooo over bulky that chest caps can sometimes do; everything looks amazing! Of course I cannot leave out the fantastic job they did with the head sculpt; Beta Ray Bills head is by far one of the most unique looking head sculpts I have seen for a minimate and they nail the look perfectly! Bills hammer, Stormbreaker, looks spot on to how it looks in the books and is a great addition to the minimate. This is probably one of my favourite minimate releases so far of this year!

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