Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 237

Day 237 August 25th

Wave 41 Review Day 3

Mr. Sinister and Nimrod

This is a new step for the blog, a slight swerve from the usual course. Recently there was a review posted of this wave after the reviewer was sent a free advance set of the minimates. I felt the reviewer was not all that interested in the minimates and the review showed that lack of interest. So here is my go at doing a good review!

Packaging –

Mr. Sinister – Here we have a much requested and rather iconic X-Men villain. In all honesty I am all too happy that it has been such a long wait to get to Mr. Sinisters minimate release. This minimate looks so good that I think if he had been made earlier there is no possible way he would have looked anywhere near this good and chances could be slim to seeing another one being made, since his look is pretty much consistent. The colours of this minimate are perfectly matched to his comic book appearences and the red on white on the head pop perfectly! I really enjoy how they did the cape, especially since in the comics there are some great dynamic scenes with all the tendrils flying around and I was worried that they would not be somewhat, somehow separate on the minimates cape. Another great design piece on this minimate are the boots, I love the new ways in which DST is making these bigger/higher boots instead of the bulky and clunky boots. These regular style feet with the higher parts coming up the front really work for me…I think it really adds to the overall look of the minimates instead of looking grossly out of place! Again this is a great looking minimate, lacking only in the tampos going all the way around the arms but otherwise another fantastic transition from the comic books and great new villain to add to the minimate collection!

Nimrod – The choice of Nimrod as the army builder in this wave is a bit of a stretch, particularly given the look they chose. While I may be a bit rusty on my X-Men comic history, it has been awhile since I read most of them, I do believe that in this particular look Nimrod was never in a group, I seem to recall he was an advanced Sentinel from an alternate future. Given though that this alternate future was one controlled by sentinels I could see that maybe in that timeline there were multiples, the current universe however only one was around, until more modern stories that is. I love DSTs use of the pearl esque look for Nimrod as it really gives him a more metallic look, which really since he is a giant mutant hunting machine, kind of makes sense. The pink of his face and of the triangle on his chest really pop against the pearl-esque white, making them stand out perfectly and also lending to the details of the open mouth also looking really nice and clear! The over sized hands and feet add the bulk to the torso/chest and head slip over piece work really good to give Nimrod a fighting chance! One person has pointed out that the oversized boots might work quite nicely for a space or deep sea armour for Iron Man! Under the massive chest cap piece you can see some gears and things that help keep the look and idea that he was built in the future and is purely mechanical inside.

This set brings us a couple of great new villains especially over in the X-Men family of minimates! Nimrod looks great but DST scores huge points for Mr. Sinister as he is by far one of the most requested x-villain. I give this set 4.5 out of 5, again I have to dock points only for the tampos on the arms not going all the way around the arm, otherwise this is a perfect set!

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