Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 238

Day 238 August 26th

Wave 41 Review Day 3

Age of Apocalypse Mr. Sinister and Nimrod

This is a new step for the blog, a slight swerve from the usual course. Recently there was a review posted of this wave after the reviewer was sent a free advance set of the minimates. I felt the reviewer was not all that interested in the minimates and the review showed that lack of interest. So here is my go at doing a good review!

Packaging –

Age of Apocalypse Mr. Sinister – I will make no attempts to hide the fact that the Age of Apocalypse storylines was by far one of my favourite comic book events ever!! I loved the character designs and am over the moon with excitement that we are getting some of them as minimates! The fact that this minimate was released as a variant and not part of an Age of Apocalypse 2 pack, or box set shows me that DST is more than willing to head back into the Age of Apocalypse and give us more minimates from the stories! Again DST hits a homerun with the cape! This one has less to it than the 616 counter part and therefore is even easier to see the more separate looking tendrils. The colours of this minimate are spot on to the look in the comics, no technical issues such like edge bleeding and such the like, the colours are crisp and strong through out this minimate. One of the hugest new pieces has got to be the AoA Mr. Sinister is amazing; it has just the right of amount of pure awesome to look dead on and great! The facial expression really does go a long why to help sell the minimates over all look and this one does not let down!

Nimrod –See previous day

This is an awesome set for any fan of the Age of Apocalypse storyline as it brings out a major player in some of the books and over all storyline. As an over all feel it looks great and I am all too happy how this version of Mr. Sinister turned out! I give this set 4.5 out of 5, again I have to dock points only for the tampos on the arms not going all the way around the arm, otherwise this is a perfect set!

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