Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 236

Day 236 August 24th

Wave 41 Review Day 2

First Appearance Iron Man and Hulk

This is a new step for the blog, a slight swerve from the usual course. Recently there was a review posted of this wave after the reviewer was sent a free advance set of the minimates. I felt the reviewer was not all that interested in the minimates and the review showed that lack of interest. So here is my go at doing a good review!

Packaging – Since this was covered in the previous day’s entry I do not have anything else to add, aside from the fact that I really do enjoy the fact that they are using the art of the character below the window and on the sides. Oh! I forgot to mention the fact that the minimates styled characters have been added to the top part of the package, a nice group shot of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spider Man and Wolverine. I love minimate style artwork like that!

First Appearance Iron Man – Again some will jump up to point out that we have already gotten a minimate of this armour, several to be perfectly honest but I will also point out that each one has been different and unique in its own way. That distinctiveness holds true with this latest version as it looks a bit dirtier and rough looking, more akin to how it should look given the conditions under which it was created. While I was going over the pictures for this review I just found I really enjoyed the subtle details of this particular minimate. DST added just the right amount of roughness to the tampo to enhance the details on this minimate, and I love the vent they put on the back too! Even the details on the chest block look great, nice clean lines and colours – an awesome little bonus under the armour! Iron Man comes with a hair piece for Tony Starks head under the removable helmet. He also comes with a blaster and an alternate hand with a finger extended to indicate some sort of weapon/tool type deal. It was first used with the Cyborg minimate for the ill fated DC Direct line of DC minimates and after swapping it on here I can actually see where it might be useful.

Hulk – At one point it looked like this bulked up version of The Incredible Hulk was going to be called “Mega Rage Hulk” which actually became a popular title for it amongst the members of the Minimate Multiverse community and I would have to agree, that is a great name for this new minimate! Ever since the first Hulk minimate way back in wave 1 he felt a bit off, never quite right no matter what DST tried to increase his size while still fitting within the size restriction of the license. I have to honestly say that I think they nailed this one dead on! He is massive and looks like the Hulk should! No ridiculous ‘duck feet’ to help make him taller but still having pencil thin arms and legs with a bigger chest cap, no this minimate has it all – huge chest cap, big feet and hands and the new bulky pieces for the upper arms and thighs/upper legs. The best part of all of that is that they all work together perfectly to create a great Hulk minimate! As an added bonus DST included 2 different hairpieces, one a bit more messy looking which is a reuse from the Defenders box set Hulk – which still is one of my favourite minimates of the Hulk! Both hairpieces actually look really nice on this minimate so I am going to have a tough time choosing which one I will use primarily on display with the minimate. This is a Hulk minimate worthy of taking on Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armour!

Another great set in this wave, even if some will complain that they are just rehashes. I really dig the look of this version of the Iron Man armour and despite what some will say this new bulked up Hulk minimate is a great and fun minimate!! I give this set a MEGA 4.5 out of 5, docking points only for the fact that DST did not indeed name this Hulk “Mega Rage Hulk”, sometimes a great name can really sell a toy and/or character.

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