Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 234

Day 234 August 22nd

Siryn Custom

This is a custom of mine, something I don’t do too often since I lack the time and skills to put a lot of work into some customs, but thanks to a friend on the Minimate Multiverse forum not only did I get an easy to follow recipe for parts but he also painted and decaled the cape, which would have been the biggest roadblock in this process. Now I can add Terry to my small grouping of X-Factor minimates, right beside the official Multiple Man and the custom Strong Guy. I really hope DST comes around to giving us some more of the modern X-Factor – it is currently and has been consistently my favourite read every month!


  1. Replies
    1. ok I am going to have to think hard on this one.....cape is repainted from Photon, torso and legs are 90's Rogue, arms are spare ones from Multiple Man, belt is modified from 90's Cyclops as are the wrist cuffs I I am taking a stab at some version of Jean Grey and the face is a iffy one....hope that helps!!