Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 223

Day 223 August 11th

Age of Apocalypse Weapon X

In this reality Logan never took the Wolverine name, going by Weapon X instead. The first major character difference outside the name is very evident in the fact that he only has one hand! The writers did a great job with this idea, he lost it in a fight with Cyclops which also cost Cyc an eye, and to sate the rabid fan boys clamoring about the healing factor they said that he hastily had the metal cap put on it before it would have grown back. I love that DST included extra hands so he could go back to the look before that happened as well as the piece that reveals that while his hand was disintegrated by Cycs blast his claws were retracted and in one issue he pops them through the metal cap! I loved that scene in the comics!! Some people have complained about the large hairpiece that X has but I find it very suiting as the artist on the book at the time, one Adam Kubert, drew his hair huge like that. Adams run on the Wolverine comics is still one of my favourite visual runs ever, the man drew some awesome stuff during that stint!

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